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  Manicure $13 and up
  French Manicure $15 and up
  Full Set Acrylic $35 and up
  Fills /Acrylic $17 and up
  Hot Paraffin $8 and up
  Pedicure $30 and up


  Waxing $8 and up
*prices vary due to stylist

Manicure / Pedicure

Natural nails are made up of protein keratin. The nail plate requires a certain amount of flexibility and moisture to encourage healthy growth. Using 'hardening' treatments and harsh chemicals on natural nails will make the nail plate brittle and more prone to breakage. Our use of nail moisturizers and clear polish proteins is essential for perfect growth. Our Nail Technician will provide a consultation to determine the condition of a client's natural nails, and recommend proper treatment and care.

Paraffin Treatment

Hands are dipped in melted paraffin wax for softening and moisturizing. Paraffin wax is used because it can be heated to temperatures of over 95°F (35°C) without burning or injuring the hand. The intense heat allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils. The wax is usually infused with various botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil and azulene. Fruit waxes such as peach, apple and strawberry can also be added.

Occasionally, lotion is rubbed on the hand before submersion into the paraffin bath. The hand is usually dipped more than once to allow a thicker wax coat to form, making the coating stay warm longer and less likely to break or tear prematurely. After the hands have been dipped in the wax, they are wrapped in either plastic or aluminum foil, then covered with a towel or special mitten to retain warmth. After a few minutes, the paraffin is cool and dried, and its special benefits are achieved!!

Hot Oil Manicure

A hot oil manicure is a specific type of manicure that cleans and softens the cuticles with oil. It improves dry skin and brittle nails, leaving them soft and pliable. Types of oils that can be used are mineral oil and olive oil.


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